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The Dogs

Here are just some of the more recent street dogs that we have had the privilege of helping at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. 



We can't always save all the dogs we want to, but when three separate people write us about the same dog in one morning, we feel compelled to act, especially when they look like this before treatment. Thanks to the community intervention and funding from worldwide supporters, this sweet, playful, happy-go-lucky mini golden retriever mix has now fully recovered after 4 months in our care and we are looking for a forever home for him.



This beautiful beast used to roam the streets by himself looking for love and pets. After seeing him for months, we started noticing that his health was rapidly deteriorating so we started asking around and found out that he had been abandoned by his previous owners because he had some serious health issues. It turns out he did as he had heartworm and canine papiloma virus as well as parasites, mange and fleas. But, with a lot of love and support, we were able to nurse him back to pristine beauty and health.



Chispo was a dog that lived on our neighbor's property, a family with whom we were very close. One morning we woke to find him crying at our doorstep where had dragged his broken paralyzed body over two huge properties begging for help. He somehow knew that we would have the resources to help him. After months of testing, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation in our sanctuary, he went from being paralyzed in both his hind legs to walking and running without limitation. He's now back to living with his Mayan family and running freely in his big beautiful yard.

Rumi Before.jpg


We found our sweet Rumi on the streets of a nearby village and knew we had to intervene immediately. We started feeding and medicating him and he started improving. We were filled with hope and optimism, but then he was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of heartworm. Unfortunately, Rumi was one of the sweet street souls who did not make it despite our efforts. But, he did get 6 months of pure love and joy with his dog brother and sister and his human mommy and daddy which is something he never had before. So, we feel blessed to have been able to share that short time with him. 

Rumi After.jpg
Flora BA 2 (1).jpg


Little Flora was a lonely little puppy scavenging on the streets for what little scraps of food she could. But, after months of rehabilitation and a grueling battle with distemper that she almost lost and that almost broke us with weeks of crying and paralysis, she is now living her best life in the wilds of Oregon. She is a true miracle.

Josh Flora Purse Pana (2).jpg


This sweet mama was just lying in the middle of the street sleeping because she was so weak from infection. But, after treatment for scabies, fleas, and malnutrition, she has fully recovered and lives with a wonderful and generous local Guatemalan man who loves her dearly.


Sita and Her Pups

Sita is Chispo's sister and the other dog that belongs to our beloved Mayan family friends. Sita ended up having two baby girl pups that the kids named Mora and Fresa - Blackberry and Strawberry. So, now we are in the process of raising funds to treat Sita and the pups with a full round of initial medical treatment and testing, including getting rid of fleas, worms, and other parasites while providing food and proper nutrition for all three females before we sterilize them.

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